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Low budget websites

Our company offers creating the so-called low budget websites. These are presentation sites for people, companies or organizations in the form of a business card. They contain a short info, a description of the offered services, a contact form and a small gallery. These sites are ideal for small businesses, accountants, lawyers and people performing specific services.

The lack of major functionality does not at all deprive them of meaning- on the contrary. They give absolutely sufficient information about the services and how to contact the respective company, organization or person. The sites themselves have their own domain and a small hosting which further reduces the cost of their maintenance. These sites can be of two types- static or the so-called content management systems (CMS). The second permit, through a simple control panel, to make correction at any time by the owner of the site himself.

Използваме "бисквитки", за да подобрим уебсайта и опита ви, когато го използвате. Бисквитките, използвани за основната работа на сайта, вече са заредени. За да научите повече за "бисквитките", които използваме и как да ги изтриете, вижте нашите Условия за защита на личните данни.

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