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Graphics Design


As part of the Agency for PR and advertisement Taurus Design can offer complete advertisement concepts for promotions, presentations of a product or company identity. Besides WEB services, you can make use of our knowledge of graphics design. The products of graphics design are in many forms, most common of which are:

  • Print design and layout of catalogs, brochures, posters, books, periodicals.
  • CD,DVD – design of the introductory elements, animation, advertising materials
  • Graphics identity, graphics design of company logos, company advertising materials, signs and others
  •  Product design, packages

Graphics design includes a thorough knowledge of composition and form, color, color ranges and type of specialized palettes used as standards in modern graphics programs. Artistic skills and the presence of a sense of aesthetics in our graphic designers contribute to the production of a good product for graphics design. Combining color and sharpness of vision and contrast of colors and shades also contributes to a better understanding of the message. Besides the basics- technical and aesthetic skills, our designers possess intuitive ideas and a sense of innovativeness.

All that rolled into one, along with the necessary dose of balance and subordination to the idea, suggestion, and the main objective, ensure a good graphic or promotional product.

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