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Wednesday, 11 July 2012 11:24

Web portals

 Our company has a wide experience in creating internet portals.

An internet portal is a website that combines information from different sources in a unified manner. Any source of information or advertisement that wants to advertise in the portal receives a dedicated section of the website for presentation and information and the user can often choose which ones are to appear and which ones not to. In addition to the standard search engine feature, web portals offer other services such as e-mail, news, stock prices, information, a database and entertainment. The portals provide a way for companies to present their products to a wide variety of visitors through company presentations, banner ads, pop-ups and more.



Our experience in the field is:

www.bansko.bgOfficial portal of Bansko

www.banskocity.bg; www.banskocity.net; www.banskocity.euTourist portals of Bansko

www.lanzarote.esTourist portal of Lanzarote /Canary Islands/

www.banskowintertour.comPortal for winter tourism created as a Europroject

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Tuesday, 10 July 2012 21:26

WEB Design

Business websites:

Every future owner of a website wants to earn from it as much as they can. The more visitors a website has, the bigger the profit it provides to its owner. We from websiteexpert.info always comply with a few important elements that bring success to the final product:

1/ Innovative design makes the website attractive to the users

2/ A fast loading website will make the visitors come back again and again

3/ Easy navigation. Not everyone has the time and patience to become familiar with more complicated buttons and navigation keys.

4/ Featured fonts. The more classic and easy to understand fonts would be preferred, because they would be more legible.

5/ Working links for running information

All this, combined with short deadlines for implementation and a balanced budget, makes the choice of a company for web design easy - WEBSITE EXPERT!

With us you can order the production of all types of websites!

Our consultants will help you in your choice of design and functionality.

In the end you will get a quality product with a full year of free maintenance!


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From 01 07 2012 started portal Lanzarote Island - www.lanzarote24.es / www.lanzaroteisland.eu. The portal is trilingual and is the first in a series of representative tourist sites in the Canary Islands. The construction of four portal to other islands. The portal provides comprehensive information about the island, hotels, restaurants, excursions, sports and so on. It has a modern structure, well-ordered interface, easy to use control panel. In each section has a video, animated galleries, online booking forms and more. In short - a modern, functional, comfortable!

Web design lanzarote

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Monday, 16 July 2012 12:40

We have customers from Malta

Ready is our direct connected to Malta! With pleasure we can celebrate the start of http://pointbreakrestaurant.com. A wonderful site for a romantic restaurant in Mellieha bay Beach - Malta.

The site is modern and interesting design, rich functionality, gallery, online, direct mail and more.

Good luck to our new friends in Malta!


web design malta

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Monday, 16 July 2012 12:52


A wonderful company site.



web design tec

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Saturday, 14 July 2012 11:34

About the company

Taurus Design Ltd. was created in the year 2000. Its main activity is advertising and PR. The company has several units in different areas - web design, programming, graphics design, offset printing and outdoor advertising. The team of Websitexpert has been working for more than 7 years in the fields of web design.

Many company sites have been created, internet portals, online shops, specialized sites and others. The company has won numerous contests for providing publicity on various projects financed by the European Union and local organizations. We have built and maintained for more than 5 years the official pages and portals of Municipality Bansko- Bulgaria, elected in 2011 for the Winter Capital of the Balkans. Throughout all this time our company has produced all the promotional materials and multimedia products at the resort.

We are also organizers of Bansko Awards- the official award-giving contest for “Hotel of the Year”, “Restaurant of the Year”, “Sports Event of the Year”. The contest is conducted entirely online, through voting by the users.

We have provided publicity on European cross border cooperation projects, Energy efficiency fund and more. We have shown high quality service to all mentioned above, strict organization and compliance with the deadlines.

In May 2012, the first of a series of tourism portals for the Canary Islands was built and put into operation- www.lanzarote24.es / www.lanzaroteisland.eu. The portal contains information about the island, all the sights, cultural sites, news, announcements of upcoming events, many videos, weather forecast and lots of pictures. Many hotels, restaurants, car rental companies, places of excursions and more, have also been presented in the portal. Both domains target different geographic belts, which guarantees a good indexing and an increased access to the portal.

The company has representatives in Spain, Germany, Austria, Bulgaria.

All products realized by us are distinguished for their high quality, functionality, design and an easy to navigate interface. The company provides a one year full warranty and technical support for everything done by us. Each of our clients can benefit from the “Maintenance and update of the content” of their website by our team. Thus for a small monthly fee, our team will keep the content of your sites or client portals constantly up to date.

The company provides hosting and domains of the highest quality, while taking care of their annual payment, thereby excluding the possibility of having a particular site being taken down due to failure of payment.

Our team is available to answer your questions!

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