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Friday, 18 May 2012 07:35



company website

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Friday, 18 May 2012 07:36


Book online shop

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Friday, 13 July 2012 20:55

Graphics Design


As part of the Agency for PR and advertisement Taurus Design can offer complete advertisement concepts for promotions, presentations of a product or company identity. Besides WEB services, you can make use of our knowledge of graphics design. The products of graphics design are in many forms, most common of which are:

  • Print design and layout of catalogs, brochures, posters, books, periodicals.
  • CD,DVD – design of the introductory elements, animation, advertising materials
  • Graphics identity, graphics design of company logos, company advertising materials, signs and others
  •  Product design, packages

Graphics design includes a thorough knowledge of composition and form, color, color ranges and type of specialized palettes used as standards in modern graphics programs. Artistic skills and the presence of a sense of aesthetics in our graphic designers contribute to the production of a good product for graphics design. Combining color and sharpness of vision and contrast of colors and shades also contributes to a better understanding of the message. Besides the basics- technical and aesthetic skills, our designers possess intuitive ideas and a sense of innovativeness.

All that rolled into one, along with the necessary dose of balance and subordination to the idea, suggestion, and the main objective, ensure a good graphic or promotional product.

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Friday, 13 July 2012 20:19

Web site maintenance


An already made website needs constant maintenance.

 Online maintenance is divided into two parts:

  • TECHNICAL SUPPORT- that means constantly monitoring the parameters of a particular site, the use of certain methods of protection from malware, protection from hacker attacks, keeping the domain and hosting alive and more.


  • MAINTENACE AND UPDATING THE CONTENT- includes everything listed in the technical support section, along with adding information, correcting already uploaded articles, adding pictures, administrating forums, replacing current offers, establishing and replacing banners and more.

Our team can take care of your site as long as you want. We respond quickly and appropriately to any situation. Adjustments are made in 24 hours maximum. The photos you sent will be processed, formatted and uploaded; the information added; the forum cleaned.

All this, 24 hours a day, seven days a week!

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Friday, 13 July 2012 12:53


As you probably have read repeatedly in forums and websites about SEO optimization, one of the most important aspects in order for your site to rank well in search engines is the links. The more links we have, the better our site ranks, whether it be in Google, Yahoo, Bing or Yandex. Of course the prestige of the links is also important, but that is a whole different topic.

Optimization for Google and other searchers

SEO or search engine optimization is the most effective marketing tool to promote websites and increase online sales. Our goal is to provide quality targeted traffic to your site by achieving high rankings in organic search with the most popular searchers in the world- Google, Bing and Yandex. Our team of specialists makes daily care to optimize you website and continuously improves the online reputation of your company or brand.

Search engine optimization is conventionally divided into onpage, onsite and offsite optimization and the end purpose has always been to attract more traffic from search engines to the site. Search engine optimization is a wide niche, which includes many specific activities ranging from the correct source code and structure of a site, through providing inbound links to important pages of your site, all the way to conducting online PR activities to popularize it. Furthermore, optimization is all about the end user

Effective optimization ensures that your site will be presented in a unique way to the Internet audience and therefore will be a valuable resource for search engines. A common misconception is that SEO serves mainly to manipulate the results in SERP (search engine result pages).

True SEO will guarantee that your site will present the users with what they expect of it. Every web resource that complies with this basic principle has a real change of taking leading positions in the organic search results with the most competitive key words.

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Friday, 13 July 2012 12:23

Redesign of websites

If you already have a website that is visually and functionally outdated, does not work or you simply want to change it with something new and modern, then our team of specialists can do that in the best way possible.

We will build the new face of your company with the most modern technology. The content management systems (CMS) we use are entirely adaptable to the end user, work in Bulgarian and do not require special web skill from the person who manages them. We can react to all of your wishes in short term, high quality, one year warranty and free technical support. Your company site will provide the users with the products or services you offer functionally, innovatively and clearly. The online shop will work 24 hours a day and the gallery will show the best of your company.

Contact us and get the best offer!

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Friday, 13 July 2012 12:02



A Blog (short for weblog) is a type of website where you write as in a diary and new additions are in reverse chronological order. Blogs often offer comments or news about certain topics, such as food, politics, culture, ecology, social problems, economics, urban and sub-culture or local news; others serve as personal diaries. A typical blog contains some text, photographs or drawings, links to other blogs and websites that are somehow tied to the general theme of the blog. Generally this type of websites focus mainly on text, however there are also those that focus on photo, audio or video files.

There are several types of blogs, which are mainly divided according to the main subject discussed in them:

  • Personal diaries are the most common ones and have the properties of ordinary diaries -  they describe events of the day, thoughts and emotions. Personal photos are published. Often link to other sites to which the owner of the blog has stumbled on are added.
  • Thematic diaries play the role of “amateur newspapers”. Their author shares an opinion about an event, related to the general theme of the blog (such as UFOs or the war in Iraq). Information from other sites is published, indicating where it came from (mostly via links).

Commentary blogs are ones that mainly analyze and comment recent, mostly political, events.


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Friday, 13 July 2012 11:33

Low budget websites

Our company offers creating the so-called low budget websites. These are presentation sites for people, companies or organizations in the form of a business card. They contain a short info, a description of the offered services, a contact form and a small gallery. These sites are ideal for small businesses, accountants, lawyers and people performing specific services.

The lack of major functionality does not at all deprive them of meaning- on the contrary. They give absolutely sufficient information about the services and how to contact the respective company, organization or person. The sites themselves have their own domain and a small hosting which further reduces the cost of their maintenance. These sites can be of two types- static or the so-called content management systems (CMS). The second permit, through a simple control panel, to make correction at any time by the owner of the site himself.

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Friday, 13 July 2012 11:05

On-line магазини

В последните няколко години се наблюдава тенденция към все по широкото навлизане и популяризиране на проджбите на стоки през Интернет. Сайтовете продаващи стоки и услуги чрез мрежата се наричат Онлайн Магазини. Онлайн магазина е сайт, който съдържа една или множество категории съдържащи голям брой артикули. Всеки артикул има конкретна цена и може да бъде закупен от потребителите. Операцията по закупуването е проста и удобна. Плащането отново става през Интернет по няколко способа:


  • с кредитна карта
  • по банков път
  • чрез различните ситеми за разплащане


Онлайн магазините предлагани от нас са последно поколение, притежаващи системи за ежедневно счетоводство, отчети и други. Всички те са снабдени с контрол панели, притежавище интуитивен и лесен за употреба интерфейс. Не е нужно операторът да притежава особени специализирани умения, за да поддържа сам своя магазин.

Онлайн магазините са едно модерно и удобно следство за продажба, спестявайки пари за наем на магазини, заплати и осигуровки на персонал, кражби и тн.

Пример за онлайн магазин можете да видите тук: http://www.novdombg.com


web site

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Wednesday, 11 July 2012 11:48

Specialized websites

Our company has extensive experience in creating specialized web sites. A specialized web site is a site focused in a particular area and represents a specific product.


Such categories of sites are:


 In recent years there has been a tendency towards more widespread usage and promotion of sale of goods over the Internet. Sites selling goods and services through the web are called online shops. An online shop is a site that contains one or multiple categories containing a large number of items. Each item has a specific price and can be purchased by the users. The purchasing operation is simple and convenient. Payment also happens over the Internet in several ways:


  • via credit card
  • bank transfer
  • through different payment system

Online shops offered by us are the latest generation, featuring systems of daily accounting reports and more. All are equipped with control panels that have intuitive and easy to use interface. It is not necessary that the operator has particular specialized skills to maintain their own shop.

Online shops are a modern and convenient tool for sale, saving money to rent stores, salaries and staff insurance, theft and so on.

Here you can see an example of an online shop: http://www.novdombg.com




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